1.) Monday, July 30 - 6pm @ Champaign Public Library

 2.) Tuesday, August 7 - 7 pm @ City Building

The city of Champaign is proposing to change zoning ordinances in a way that will dramatically affect the quality of our neighborhood.  Much larger houses would be allowed on small, single family lots.  If we do NOTHING with respect to the proposed zoning changes, GIANT HOUSES ON OUR SMALL LOTS will substantially and negatively impact our neighborhood.

The proposed changes will be presented to the public and the City Council members at a public Neighborhood Meeting on Monday, July 30 - 6pm @ the Champaign Public Library.

Planning and Development Department will then present their summary of the input received at that meeting and their recommendations for action at a City Council Study Session on August 7 - 7 pm @ the Champaign City Building.

Show the city council we care!  Let them hear our voices and see our numbers.  Please plan to attend these two important meetings on July 30 and August 7.  United neighbors can make a difference.